About Us

Learning Ridge, LLC is an educational service and consulting agency with operations in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding counties. We take great pride in being a trusted provider for many families with children who are enrolled in some of Atlanta’s most acknowledged public and private schools. Our wide range of products and services are designed to ensure that we are able to provide each client and student with personalized support to ensure progress towards their goals and aspirations. We strive to provide our clients with the highest level of quality, integrity, accountability and discretion.

Our Clients

At the end of the day, it's not just about learning, it's about the positive effect we have on a student, their families, and communities. It doesn't just end with a better grade or successful admission into a prestigious private school - it's a positive impact that lasts a lifetime.

Our Services

We strive to provide a wide selection of the products and services built on the markets most effective techniques, methodologies, materials and approaches.

We are passionate about exploring innovations in learning, but also thoroughly examine these innovations to ensure they meet our high quality standards before providing them to our clients.

Our Staff

We seek to build a network of knowledgeable educators who share our passion for teaching. We want to build a relationship of trust and respect with our staff and our clients and we demand dedication and integrity.