Preschool Camp 2023

Early Roboticists 2023

About This Program

Does your early learner ever wonder how robots work? Then this STEM Velocity Camp is just for them! This week they will become a roboticist and learn basic programming, logical thinking, block coding, and engineering to give them a foundation to build the world of tomorrow.

This early learners camp has a particular focus on technology and problem solving. STEM Velocity utilizes quality resources during multiple hands-on activities helping children acquire essential 21st century skills. Campers will receive invaluable support and guidance from our team of instructors and lab assistants.


(Activities may vary by location.)

  • Introduction to robotics and how different types of robots are used 
  • Learn programming through child-friendly visual programing tools that allows your child to pick up the basics of logical procedure.
  • Understand data-encoding methods by creating command sequences for robots to follow
  • Learn about sensors, commands and circuitry
  • and Much More…
for Ages 3-6

Scheduled Classes

Unfortunetally, we are not offering this program at the moment.

Please contact us if you are interested in this program so we may contact you when it is added to our schedule again in the future.

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