STEM Camp 2023

Minions In Training

About This Program

Tara Tropa Minions! In this Theme Camp by STEM Velocity, you will enter the world of the Despicable Me franchise. During this Minion Training Program, you will learn epic skills such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemistry, and more. Engage in unique and fun challenges and test your problem solving skills. Can you impress Gru? Join us and find out!

This camp has a particular focus on engineering and collaboration. STEM Velocity utilizes quality resources during multiple hands-on activities helping children acquire essential 21st century skills. Campers will receive invaluable support and guidance from our team of instructors and lab assistants.

for Ages 6-9

Learning Ridge, LLC is not affiliated with Comcast. The representation of Despicable Me characters and imagery is strictly for educational purposes.

Scheduled Classes

Unfortunetally, we are not offering this program at the moment.

Please contact us if you are interested in this program so we may contact you when it is added to our schedule again in the future.

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