STEM Camp 2024

Amazing Robotics

About This Program

Danger Will Robinson! We’ll be building and programming different types of robots to do so many things. This camp will provide campers with a foundational understanding of robotics and various related disciplines.

This Camp has a particular focus on technology and programming. STEM Velocity utilizes quality resources during multiple hands-on activities helping children acquire essential 21st Century Skills. Campers will receive invaluable support and guidance from our team of instructors and lab assistants. Visit for more details.

Featured Activities:
(Activities may vary by location.)

  • Build and program your own powered LEGO Robots.
  • Learn the basics of electrical engineering and build your own circuits.
  • Gain knowledge on reconfigurable robots and solve unique challenges.
  • Learn about the benefits of automation and program a robot with your own algorithm.
  • Commandeer your own personal battle-bot and challenge your new friends in our battle-bot arena!
  • Learn about different types of Robots used in various fields of science and industry.
  • And Much More…


for Ages 7+

Scheduled Classes

Jun 3
5 Days (9:00—3:00)

Amazing Robotics

offered to Rising Grades 2-6

1-Week Camp

Dates: 06/03/2024, 06/04, 06/05, 06/06, 06/07

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