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Virtual Microcamp 2020

GEMS: Biology Edition

About This Program

Hey Girls! Do you have what it takes to be one of our GEMS? This Virtual Camp is all about helping girls gain confidence in the STEM fields so they can be competitive in the 21st century. During this virtual camp, girls will take part in 5 fascinating Biology activities tailored to them: Extract DNA, Dissect Flower and Conduct a Bio Blitz, and more!

This Camp has a particular focus on science and biology. STEM Velocity Online Camps take place in a virtual classroom with a dedicated instructor to engage students with hands-on activities helping children acquire essential 21st Century Skills.

Materials ‡

Each Virtual Camper will receive a kit containing all specialized materials needed for this camp (a $50 Value).

for Rising Grades 1-5
Virtual †

This Virtual Program in held by a Live Instructor using Video Conferencing Software. Multiple students and an instructor will be present during each session.

12:1 Student to Teacher Ratio

Our Online classes are limited to 12 students per instructor, so virtual campers can get the most out of every activity.

Exclusively for Girls

Our GEMS (Girls in Engeneering, Math, and Science) Programs were designed to help girls gain confidence in the STEM fields so they can be competitive in the 21st century.


This Program is a Microcamp. Microcamps run for 45-60 minutes a day. (See class schedule for details)

† A computer with a stable internet connection is required for participants to join this online class. An adult must be nearby during the duration of the program, and some activities may require the assistance of an adult or older sibling.

‡ Ordinary school supplies and household items may also be needed and are not supplied in our materials kit; details will be provided beforehand. A portion of the materials fees for virtual programs are non-refundable (typically 50% of the listed value). Additional shipping charges may apply for some customers.

Scheduled Classes

Unfortunetally, we are not offering this program at the moment.

Please contact us if you are interested in this program so we may contact you when it is added to our schedule again in the future.

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